Natural mineral water
of the Guaraní Aquifer

Drinking mineral water MANANTIALES SUREÑOS every day, you are detoxifying daily.


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Certified with
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High degree of alkalinity and mineralization according to the analyzes carried out in the National Institute of Technology and Normalization (INTN), and in laboratories in the Netherlands, Argentina and Chile.

It is packaged in a 100% natural way without any addition or chemical process.

Provides a better source of hydration, is a source of anti oxidants, by being ionized, acts against free radicals.

It helps our body fight chronic diseases.

It provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

It is unique in Paraguay and Latin America, and ranks among the best waters in the world, so much so that our product was recognized as Premium Water and is a member of the exclusive FINE WATER SOCIETY (Society of Fine Waters) based in Texas, United States. United.

Helps to neutralize and eliminate waste and toxins that are produced in our body and the acids of the digestive system.

Prevents diseases by helping to improve oxygenation of our cells.

Avoid fluid retention and help weight loss.