We are a Paraguayan company born in the city of Bella Vista, Capital of the Yerba Mate. We carry the business name of INDUSUR S.A. which produces and produces a pure and healthy product: Mineral water "Southern Springs”.

Our waters are naturally packaged in their source of origin with the necessary care that guarantees a healthy and natural product.


In the process of packaging of "Manantiales Sureños", a series of strict quality control protocols are respected, from the extraction of the artesian well from the Guaraní Aquifer, through all the procedures of conservation, labeling, packaging and industrialization.

All officials respect the rules of hygiene and good practices that it governs the National Institute of Food and Nutrition INAN, institution responsible for ensuring the nutritional health of the population, which certifies our industrial plant. Our product is subjected to innumerable laboratory analyzes that guarantee its purity and its curative power, maintaining its composition and properties unchanged so that the product reaches the consumer with all the purity of nature, healthy and safe.

According to the regulations of the SEAM Secretariat of the Environment and our commitment to the preservation of the environment, we adopt a manual of procedures aimed at the sustainable exploitation of the vital liquid. The real vision of the hydrological situation of our plant, allows us to improve the management and preserve the quality of origin, giving rise to a sustainable exploitation with the natural environment.